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There are many benefits of outsourcing your merchandising and sales processes, and few of those are listed below;

  • Cost advantages

  • Increase of Efficiency

  • Focus increase on core areas of business

  • Save on infrastructure and technology 

  • Access to skilled resources 

  • Faster and Better services etc. 


You can get your job done at a lower cost and at better quality as well. There is a cost savings of around 30% by outsourcing your merchandising and sales work to Retailor LLC. Outsourcing your business processes would free your energies and enable you to focus on building your brand, invest in research and development and move on to providing higher value added services.

Why Retailor

For the companies that want to establish and maintain control over their retail execution performance Retailor LLC is the retail intelligence partner that unlike other alternatives delivers Reliable and Actionable data since 2015 across Central Asia and Caucasus. We are continuously investing in cutting edge and sophisticated retail audit technology to deliver our vision of Connecting Retail Execution and Strategy. 

Our advantages over competition:


15 + years of FMCG and Project Management experience

10 + years of Retail Audit management experience

Trusted by Global and Local partners

Bar Chart

Business operations in Caucasus and Central Asia countries 


Auditor recruitment and training processes


Data Quality Control process - 99% data accuracy

Advanced retail audit technology

Actionable data delivered live and online

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