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Need for horizontal growth is permanent and thus search for potential new sales points is constant. With our professional team of field auditors we are collecting and providing retail point specific census data listed below but not limited to these;

  • address (region/city/district/street)

  • Geo location (latitude and longitude)

  • external and internal photos

  • external and legal name

  • trading and total area size

  • number of check-outs

  • capacity of parking area

  • responsible person credentials

  • responsible person contact phone

  • responsible person email address

Why Retailor

For the companies that want to establish and maintain control over their retail execution performance Retailor LLC is the retail intelligence partner that unlike other alternatives delivers Reliable and Actionable data since 2015 across Central Asia and Caucasus. We are continuously investing in cutting edge and sophisticated retail audit technology to deliver our vision of Connecting Retail Execution and Strategy. 

Our advantages over competition:


15 + years of FMCG and Project Management experience

10 + years of Retail Audit management experience

Trusted by Global and Local partners

Bar Chart

Business operations in Caucasus and Central Asia countries 


Auditor recruitment and training processes


Data Quality Control process - 99% data accuracy

Advanced retail audit technology

Actionable data delivered live and online

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